Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do I need to log into my YouTube account to work with this program?

Your account will be used to give other people views, likes and subscriptions on their videos. Without logging into your YouTube account, it’s impossible to set likes and subscriptions. You can use your main account, but it would be better to create a new one.

2. Does this software transfer my password anywhere?

No, it does not. This software application doesn't collect or transfer your password from your YouTube account (channel).

3. How do I create a YouTube account (channel)?

Here's a tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel directly from YouTube itself.

4. Can I use my PC for other tasks while the program is performing its actions?

Yes, the program can be minimized, and it will not interfere with your other tasks.

5. Can I have two copies of the program running at the same time?

Yes, but ONLY if each one of them has a different YouTube account logged into it. We DO NOT advise you to run two copies of this program with the same YouTube account (channel) logged into them. We can track this on our servers, and set a ban for such actions.

6. Where can I get the video URL from?

One of the ways to get a video URL is to start the video and then copy the link from the address bar of your browser near the top of the screen.

Where can get the YouTube video URL

7. How can I profit from promoting KruTube software?

Increasing the number of views, likes, subscribers and comments for videos is performed in the form of exchanges amongst the users of this program. The more people use this program, the faster the results and the faster we can promote your videos. Each new user is highly valued.

8. How can I share the KruTube Program?

You can share the program simply by telling your friends, relatives, coworkers, subscribers, and everyone you can about KruTube. Do you have a page on a social network or even your own blog? Great! Your readers will be grateful for receiving information about this service. For example: write your friend a message saying: "Hi! Let me tell you about a useful service for YouTube video promotion:". Then, in just a few minutes, you can get a view, like, subscription and comment for your videos from KruTube, which is now running on their computer. You can also help get new members by adding a link to our website on any thematic forum or website. For a demonstration of the program's abilities, there is a short video on this.

9. The program says I have added the video URL to the list, but I haven't received any views yet. Why not?

You need to wait a few more moments. Other users won't start watching your video at the same time, but will do so in an orderly manner. By the way, YouTube also doesn't update its views in real time, so you need to wait 48 hours to receive them.

10. I have installed a new version of the program, but now I can't find the list of my videos in it. Do I have to enter them again?

A list of your videos and your account balance are intertwined with your User ID. It can be seen on the "About" tab of the program. Just copy this ID number to the new version of the program and then click the "Update" button. The list of your videos should be visible again.

11. After some views, the program logs out of YouTube and then logs in again. Is this normal?

During the Autoview process, KruTube sometimes performs a logout-login to the YouTube account. This program behavior is normal and necessary to simulate the actions of a real user. Such views are fully counted (+2 points for each).

12. Why have my tasks stopped working?

We have a long list of videos in our rotation. To control its growth, this only includes videos by active users. To be an active user, you need to start the program and complete views at least once a 2 day period. The video promotion of those users who haven't been active in 2 days is stopped until they become active again. For those users who have made at least 1 purchase, this restriction is disabled.

13. After some time, the number of views on my video has decreased. Where did they go?

This is a part of the YouTube filter algorithm. First, all the fake views are counted, but 2 days afterwards, only the ones that have been approved by YouTube Analytics are visible:

YouTube Analytics statistics appearance

Not all fake views "stick" to your video, as a segment of them is thrown back by the YouTube filter. The number of the "stuck" views depends on many factors. To improve this rate, you can try your own methods by adding different settings.

Most often, the reason for writing off views is a too high intensity of increasing views. If it is too intense, YouTube can then apply a filter that removes most of the added views and subscribers, as well as some of the natural ones (statistical smoothing). It is better to start the increasing with about 10% of the real number of views. After two days, increase the share to 20%. Then, each day, continue to gradually increase this percentage until the desired values are reached.

The reason may also be the usage of other programs and services. It is enough to once unluckily cheat one video, and then YouTube will impose a filter for the entire channel (a user’s Google account) for a long time. At the same time, YouTube will also increase the requirements for the "quality" of views, with almost all the added (and a significant part of live views) being written off. This is something which cannot be completely corrected, even with the help of KruTube.

In addition, the recommended value of the "Min. view duration" parameter should be equal to the actual duration of the video. That is, for a video with a duration of 23 minutes, the value of the "Min. view duration" parameter should be set to 23 minutes. In extreme cases, for long videos (more than 40 minutes), it can be reduced to 80% of the actual video duration.