Tell Your Friends

         In order to increase the number of views, likes, subscribers and comments for videos, we use the mechanism of mutual exchange of actions amongst users. That is why the more people use this program, the more views, likes, subscribers and comments will be added. More people and higher numbers mean that your videos are being promoted more and more on YouTube.

         Please tell your friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues about KruTube. Do you have a page on a social network or even your own blog? Great! Your subscribers and followers will be grateful for receiving information about this service. Your readers will be able to learn about a useful service.

         Every newly-attracted user has a value. For example: write your friend a message saying: "Hi! Let me tell you about a useful service for fast YouTube video promotion:". Then, in just a few minutes, you can get a view, like, subscription and comment for your videos from KruTube, which is now running on their computer.

         You can also help get new members by adding a link to our website on a thematic forum or website. For a demonstration of the program's abilities, there is a short video on this. People will be grateful to you for sharing this useful information.